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About Me

I am originally from Port Charlotte, Florida and have lived in the Memphis area for the last ten years.  I have three boys of my own ranging in age from 16-7.  I'd worked in the banking industry for ten years (three mergers) before deciding to teach.  I've been teaching for the past 6 years in the Bartlett system and one year in Tunica County.  I enjoy all things science, reading, and most anything outdoors.  Coffee and chocolate are my best friends, but due to my son's severe peanut allergy I cannot have anything with peanuts.  I love Cleveland, OH teams as most of my family is from the Cleveland, OH area.  I also like the Redbirds and Grizzlies games.  Anything you can imagine doing outdoors, I'm a fan: gardening, swimming, camping, canoeing/kayaking, golf, baseball, football, basketball, etc.
My favorite:
Restaurants: Wendy's, Chick Fil A, and Arby's.  
Favorite authors: Patrick O'Brian, Octavia Butler, Susanna Clarke, Bear Heart, Eckhart Tolle, Joseph M Marshall III, Susanna Clarke, Wayne Dyer, Alicia Crowe, Carl Sagan/Neil Degrasse Tyson.
Music: most anything is palatable, even opera!
Stores:  Bass Pro, Home Depot, Amazon, Wal-Mart, Academy Sports