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Supply List

4th grade Supplies for Mrs. Thompson’s Class: (2021-2022)


Please send a student water bottle that does not sweat.


The posted BES 4th grade supply list:

1 Nicky folder ( From BES Bookstore $2.00)

1 BES zipper bank bag (BES Bookstore $5.00)

3 folders with pockets and brads ( red, blue, and green)

3 packages of 24 #2 pencils sharpened

1 one and half inch 3 ring binder

8 dry erase markers (black /odor free or low odor)

1 package colored pencils

1 pair of scissors ( Fiskar pointed tip)

1 large glue stick

2 highlights of any color

1 large container of Clorax wipes

1  package clear page protectors  25 count

1 set of headphones (wired ear buds) can be opened and put in small Ziplock bag with name


   Supplies for Art Class- Please label “ART”                       
            1 package baby wipes
            1 box Crayola Markers ( 8 count)                                                        
            2 black sharpies

            1 clear plastic ruler


   Supplies for Music Class

            1 Yamaha Music recorder (purchase at BES Bookstore - $7.00)

            1 yellow folder (w/brads and pockets) filled with notebook paper labeled “Music”


   Supplies for Library:
            1-orange, plastic folder w/pockets and brads filled w/ paper labeled “Library”

            1 box Kleenex labeled Library


Optional Supplies  -We use these for the entire class and are very much appreciated!

1 ream copy paper

2 packages cap erasers

2 large boxes of tissues

1  bottle of handsantizer

1 box ziplock bags  ( boys gallon/ girls quart)



Items to purchase in BES Bookstore  (see back)

If you DID NOT purchase a preordered Supply Box:


Items to purchase in BES Bookstore: 



BES blue, zipper bank bag (purchase in BES bookstore $5.00- OR students can use theirs from 3rd grade)


1-Nicky Folder ($2.00)


1 Yamaha Music recorder ( $7.00)




If you DID purchase a Preordered Supply Box:


Items to purchase in BES Bookstore: 



1 Nicky folder ($2.00)


1 music recorder ($7.00)