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Important Skills in Second Grade

  • understanding how words change when a prefix/suffix is added
  • reading passages with multiple paragraphs
  • identifying the main idea and supporting details
  • reading fluency (the number of words read correctly in 1 minute - beginning of 2nd grade the goal is 80 and end of the year is 110
  • answering questions about what we read
  • drawing conclusions, making predictions, cause/effect, compare/contrast
  • writing a complete sentence
  • writing 3-4 sentences to answer a question(s) a text
  • writing a 5-8 sentence paragraph (topic, 3-4 details, closing)
  • addition and subtraction facts 0-30
  • solving word problems 
  • adding up to 4 two-digit numbers correctly
  • understanding place value to 9,999
  • adding and subtracting within 1,000
  • explain why an addition/subtraction strategy works
  • understanding length, making estimation about length and solving word problems involving length