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Welcome to Bartlett Elementary Library!!!  
   My name is Mrs. Wingo.  I am so excited to be a part of our school's reading experience!! 
Reading is a skill for life!!  The Library encourages all students to become great readers.  To become a great reader, it takes lots of reading practice.  The Library is a wonderful place to explore many types of literature and learn many things to help students become awesome, smart readers!!
    Bartlett Elementary Library supports all students in becoming successful readers through the use of the Accelerated Reader computerized program.  It is a great literacy program designed to meet the individual reading needs of all students through the use of books, while improving individual reading skills.  The Library supports teachers and students in developing a love for reading.  Reading prepares our students for their future, which is a school-wide goal.  The more our students read, the better readers they become!!
   Please stop by the Library and checkout a GREAT book!!!  We look forward to seeing you!!!

Books:  Students in Gr. K, 1, and 2 checkout 1 book /visit.  Students in Gr. 3, 4, and 5 may checkout 2 books/visit.  Students are expected to checkout books at their appropriate A.R. reading levels, according to the STAR Reading Assessment, with teacher guidance.  Books are expected to be returned in 1 week for book exchange or renewal, otherwise they are considered overdue.

Operational Hours:  Library hours are 7:40-11:30 and 12:00-2:30 daily.  Scheduled classes are assigned each day to incorporate all classes for a weekly visit. 
**Open Checkout hours are throughout the day for book exchange to accommodate all students with all schedules.


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