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WELCOME to Music Class!

I am excited to be your child’s Music Teacher! I look forward to providing opportunities for your young artist to develop skills of singing, playing instruments, music reading and much more. I would like to share some information that will make this year in Music Class the best yet!

My job is to give students exposure to musical concepts and experiences. I do my best to make Music fun and accessible for every learner. I know some children may be shy about performing in front of peers. However, students are expected to participate and do their best at all times. Consequences for non-participation or disruptive behavior are as follows:
1st Time signing the Conduct Book - Conduct Grade drops to G
2nd Time signing the Conduct Book - Conduct Grade drops to S (plus note home)
3rd Time signing the Conduct Book - Conduct Grade drops to N (plus note home)
4th Time signing the Conduct Book - Conduct Grade drops to U (plus note home)

Please ask your child which day of the week his or her class attends Music. It is important that he or she is dressed appropriately for sitting on the floor, kneeling to play barred instruments, and performing movement activities such as skipping or galloping. Tennis shoes (no flip flops or high heels) and comfortable pants or shorts (no tight skirts or tight jeans) are best for these types of activities.

WHAT TO BRING (for Third, Fourth and Fifth Grades only)
RECORDER – Students in older grades play the recorder (small end-blown flutes). Recorder helps students reinforce important musical concepts. Recorders are for sale in the School Bookstore for $ _______ each.
FOLDER – Please bring a folder with pockets and prongs to music class. It does not matter what color. In the folder we will keep sheet music and some written music theory work. Students will bring the folder home on a few occasions to play music for their families!

Let’s have a fantastic year!
-Mrs. Hughes

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