Panthers, Level Up! Our 9th Annual Panther Prowl Fundraiser March 20-31st

With this type of fundraiser, 100% of the money raised goes directly to our school to offset the costs of numerous programs, technology, teacher requests, school improvement projects, instructional needs, and much more. School budgets keep schools running, but PTO budgets
make schools GREAT! Last year we were very successful in exceeding our $20,000 goal and we KNOW we can do it again this year! If every student raises $25 we will be on target to exceed our goal!
Here's how it works:
o Collect flat donations from friends and family. They can donate with cash or check (made out to BES PTO) or even donate online at
o Recruit bronze, silver, gold, or platinum level corporate sponsorships from local businesses that are in your circle of influence. Corporate sponsors are rewarded with print, web, and social media advertisements in our community based on their sponsorship level. (Click below for a copy of the Sponsor Letter.)
o Personal and corporate donations can be turned into your child’s teacher in any time from March 20th through March 31st.
o All personal and corporate donations count toward your child’s donation total to earn awesome prizes and incentives. With a $25 minimum donation, your child will receive a Panthers Level Up T-shirt, Panther Pass, Gum, and a Mario charm and band. All students that raise $100+ will be invited to the Mario Glow Party. Classes that raise $800+ will get a class party!

If you have further questions about this event, please do not hesitate to contact me at any

time! You can also check the Bartlett Elementary PTO Facebook page for regular updates!

Let’s Level Up and Prowl!


Wendy Chambers,

Bartlett Elementary PTO

[email protected]