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Mission & Beliefs

Mission Statement


The mission of Bartlett Elementary School is to prepare each student to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century by annually attaining at least one year of academic growth and achieving moral, intellectual, social, and physical potential. Opportunities are provided for students to be successful in problem-solving, critical thinking, technology, and the arts. We strive to nurture a sense of personal worth and commitment to the world community through the cooperative efforts of home, school, and community.




The beliefs of Bartlett Elementary School convey the importance of clear and high expectations.

1. Students learn best in a safe and nurturing environment where there is active engagement in the educational process.

2. Bartlett Elementary School follows policies and procedures of Bartlett City Schools to achieve goals for student learning.

3. Open communication and shared decision-making among school staff, parents, students, and community are essential to building collaborative home and school partnerships.

4. Research-based information and student-performance data from a collection of assessments are used to differentiate the instructional process.

5. To achieve success in a global society, students are to be provided various educational opportunities in order that they may develop academic strengths, creative talents, and/or physical potential.

6. Each student should have the right to attain the highest level of educational opportunity; therefore, faculty and staff value the educational process and uphold high expectations for student achievement.

7. Bartlett Elementary School fosters awareness and understanding of cultural diversity to build a common language of respect for self and others.