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Title I

Title I Frequently Asked Questions
What is Title I?
Title I refers to federal funding that our school receives under the Elementary and Secondary School Act (ESEA) formerly known as No Child Left Behind.

Why is Bartlett Elementary a Title I School?
A school’s Title I eligibility is solely determined by the percentage of students in the school who qualify for free or reduced lunch. When 40% or more of a school’s student population qualify for free or reduced lunch, the school is eligible to receive Title I funding.

How can the school spend Title I money?
First, this money can only be spent with input from all stakeholders! Parent, teacher and community input is extremely important when planning our budget. Title I money may be spent in five categories:
1.Supplemental Educational Materials
2.Technology Equipment
3.Additional Staff
4.Parental Involvement and Training
5.Professional Development for Teachers

How were Title I funds used during the 2013-14 school year?
-To purchase nonfiction texts to support the new Common Core Standards

-To purchase SAT-10 & TCAP prep workbooks and materials
-Maintaining Technology (Promethean boards, laptop computers, printers, etc)

-TCAP Coach, Intervention teachers, Title I Facilitator
-Parent training sessions, Coffee with the Counselors, and more
-Guest speakers to provide additional training to the faculty

How can parents get involved?
1.Read our School newsletter for important dates.
2.Volunteer through our PTA to help with events throughout the year.
3.“Like” the Bartlett Elementary PTA on Facebook to get updates from them.
4.Complete Parent Surveys when they are sent home/online.

For more Title I info, please visit our Title I Coordinator's webpage.

If you have any questions or comments concerning our Title I program, please contact our
Title I Coordinator Kate Flowers. Her email address is

You may also call 901-373-2610 (258).