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Accelerated Reader

AR is a valuable tool in building reading confidence & text fluency.

Each Cool Cat should take at least 10 AR tests per nine weeks. Check the newsletter for due dates. (80% or better = passing.) I will send home AR reports so you can see how many tests your Cool Cat has taken and their accuracy. Passing is 80%; my accuracy goal for them is 85% or better. :) There are classroom prizes and incentives for earning AR points.
Two books per week is a minimum goal- unless they are reading a chapter book.
Thin books should be read 3 times, before taking an AR test. All Cool Cats will be given the Star Reading test, and will be assigned AR levels. This will change throughout the year, as their comprehension level increases. We will keep anAR folder, that will show book levels, quizzes taken, and score. AR is one of the best ways your Cool Cat can improve his/her reading. Students should read through their levels in order for the best AR results.

The Bartlett Public Library has many AR books as well as our school library. To see the AR level of a book, visit

Mrs. White runs an AR Store each semester. She has reward parties for 20 Point Club members & 100 Point Club members each semester.

Cool Cats need to read every night for at least 15-20 minutes.  Have them read aloud to you.  This will increase their vocabulary and fluency.